Turning pink

For some years I was able to resist the pink revolution in our house. First I did my best by providing all sorts of colors in clothes of my daughters, but as it seems, about a three-year-old already knows, what colors she would like to wear. So first the closet of my elder daughter started to catch more and more hues of red.

And now, as I mentioned in one previous post, the color started to spread on walls. First I was a bit shocked by the pink in girls room, but now I've started to like it. Both my husband and I think that the pink wall compliments the old pull-out beds we got from a fleamarket. And I finally got a reason to make something out of this lovely Laura Ashley fabric, I found a year ago in a sales hamper.

Today I was able to add to the pinkness of this all a bunting, whichI finished yesterday evening. These buntings seem to be all over blog-universe. I had planned on making one about as long as I have been blogging, but I wanted first to have a pair of pinking shears to finish it . And I finally got myself a pair! With the price tag in them, you really need to consider for a while, whether you need them or not.

The bunting was a surprise for the girls and Elsi would have wanted to arrange a party right away, because now she had a bunting to party with. The party in their renewed room needed to wait though, because we were off to granny's.

The flower of clematis beneath is one example of the beauty in my mum's garden. I'm planning to show you more of the garden, because it's so lush and beautiful (and well, there's not that much to show in my own garden).

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Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

I was always wandering why parents wrap their girls into so much pinkish stuff. So the girls pick it themselves! On the other hand, along with lot of pink clothes in the stores for kids I sometimes regret that boys have their choices so limited. Imagine, that in my country people sometimes think that even red is not an appropriate color for boys! By the way, the collection of Japanese magazines is intriguing, why only they are so difficult to get here, do Japanese know we want them?