Lovely things from the 50's

For quite a while I had no luck at all while visiting flea markets and charity shops, but luckily I didn't give up too soon. This week I returned from my visit to a charity shop (to get some zippers) with almost as many things as what I had given away while cleaning the closets.

I have never really been to Paris, if you don't count changing flights in Charles de gaulle airport as a visit. My charity shop visit gave me a change for a really nostalgic trip there through this lovely book "This is Paris" by Miroslav Sasek, published in 1959. I just adore the pictures of this book. Even my kids wanted to have this as a bedtime story.

I also found a serving plate (Arabia), the embroidered table cloth, a tea tin, a couple of aprons, emroidered pillowcases, a leather purse and, yes, some zippers. This whole lot cost me 12 euros and the serving plate was half of the sum. This is what I call pleasing shopping!

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Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

It is pretty amazing, this Miroslav Šašek. The book itself and the pictures as well as his somewhat enigmatic life, as far as I can say from what I have read on the link that you posted. I have never heard of him, of course, although he was Czech, but many people left the country in 1948 and then again in 1968, so there are names like these that every now and then occur from nowhere...
I liked his photograph, he looked very cheerfull.

Marja kirjoitti...

Niin ihania löytöjä kaikki! Essut ovat erityisen kauniita molemmat - ja kauniisti kuvattuja.

Tonje kirjoitti...

What a grat find at the charity shop. Love the serving plate.

Merruli kirjoitti...

bohemian girl: I thought this book might be of interest to you. I hadn't heard of the author before either and it seems that the other books are not translated into Finnish, so there's no change of collecting the whole series in Finnish.He sure was very talented.

ilona: Essut tarttuivat matkaan aivan ensimmäiseksi, oli innossa pitelemistä kun huomasin, että essuja oli oikein pengottavaksi asti puodin takanurkkaan piilotettuna.

Tonje:Hi! So nice of you to leave me a comment and letting me know, you have visited.

Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

He, he. So I looked up his name more and your find is a real bargain! They sell the original books from the 60s (in English) for 70 dollars on e-bay. Congratulation! I tried to find something about him as well but no luck (I only found out, I am not the only one who wants to learn about him even a little thing. It is strange how these people exist only in their contemporaries´ memory and we probably pass them every day but will never learn anything because they don´t know that we want to know...)

Unknown kirjoitti...

What lovely, lovely finds! I especially love the serving plate as well as the yellow apron with the small flower print! This makes me want to do some more thrifting too!
Hope you are enjoying wonderful summer days with your children.

leena kirjoitti...

Kauniita löytöjä!

violet kirjoitti...

Toi kirja on hyvä, hyvä löytö.
Ihmettelen että niitä on vielä liikenteessä.

Hanna M Karojärvi kirjoitti...

mitä isosiskot edellä, sitä pikkusiskot perässä.

Kumpa vaan oppisin ottamaan ja julkaisemaan yhtä hienoja kuvia, mitä sulla.

Liivia kirjoitti...

Muitakin hyviä löytöjä, mutta TUO KIRJA! Olen halunnut sitä jo kauan, ihan millä kielellä hyvänsä.
Onnellinen sinä!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Ravenhill: I hope you've had good thrifting luck. So far that serving plate has served me well and many times.

Leena: Kiitos ja kiva kun tulit käymään!

Violet: Itsekin ihmettelen, miten tuollainen kirja oli vielä siellä kaupassa löydettävissä, kun sattui olemaan vielä ihan kasan päällimmäinen ja kulkureitillä.

Torpparin vaimo: suvun tsempitys otetaan vastaan kumarruksin, hienoa että sinäkin nyt bloggaat.

Liivia:Minulla taisi olla pelissä moukan tuuria, koska ostaessani sen ,kirja oli minulle vielä tuntematon suuruus. Sasekin teoksiaan haluaisin nyt saada kyllä käsiini enemmänkin.