How to find time to bake?

Tell a four-year-old that you are going to bake something and inevitably you will, no matter how tired or busy you are. It is way easier to bake with a child than constantly be reminded of a hastily given promise to do it. Besides having fun baking, you''ll have something healthy and delicious to enjoy. Done yesterday, gone by tomorrow. Maybe we'll have something sweet for the weekend.



Many weeks ago, I was tagged by Ravenhill to write my ABC. At that very moment I began to plan my alphabet, but soon realized it was quite a challenge to do in a language that is not my mother tongue . So I left the whole thing in the back of my mind. However I want to give it a try now:

Babies, baking, books
Countryside, crafting, clothes, cooking

Elsi, ecological (not as much as I should, but trying my best)
Finn, family and fabric
Iisa, indulgent and ice-cream
Linguistics, literature
Music, many sorts of it

Organic is the way is prefer my food
Poems, prayer
Quiet, not me, but I like my surroundings quiet

Sister to three, sauna
U is for my last name
Viewpoint, I want to consider as many of them as possible
Wine, wool

Xylitol always in my bag to keep the girls happy and my mouth fresh
Yellow is my newest color favorite


The importance of rain

Rain, lots of rain; pouring, drizzling and dripping down. The air is heavy with mist and fog. But still I like the rain better than drought. As a kid living in a farm house, I hated those summers when we really had to wait for the rain to fall; the cows needed water as did the crops of the fields. The beauty of the sunny days was darkened by the fear of running out of water in our well. Many people living in the cities cannot even think about water as a limited resource, it's just something that comes endlessly out of the tap. While others, mostly in the southern parts of the world really need to fight for their water. So I've decided to be thankful for the rain we get.

The water makes many of the best parts of August possible. Without proper rain there's no hope of mushrooms. The raspberries as well as the vegetable garden need their share of the water too. Not too much of it though.


Autumn all around

The schools have started, it's constantly raining and knitting with wool feels just right - so it really is autumn. Even though I haven't finished a single piece of my yellow cardigan, I've started a pair of monkey socks ( I'll post a picture of them, when I get a good one, but those of you, who are familiar with Ravelry, might know the pattern ) and started an autumn scarf out of Noro Kureyon. The scarf is a no-brainer, but my shoulders are starting to deny knitting by causing me headache all the time. So now I have four unfinished knitting projects, all started during last three weeks.

This color way of Noro has all the colors of autumn. Part of the colors I really do not like, but I hope they'll eventually make a nice composition.

The pencil case I put together today. It is something I seriously need. I've usually had too big pencil cases and now I aimed at something that holds only the things I really need. The linen with frogs as well as the lining are both from Purl Soho. I'm so happy with both of the fabrics and this time I'm also happy with my sewing results.

I spend quite a time with Flickr today, trying to find out how to publish my photos through it in my blog, but so far I couldn't find a way to really make it work with more than one photo at the time. I'll try to find the time to figure it out some time, though.Well, that's what autumn usually is about too: learning new things.


As mother said,

you really shouldn't play with food. But what can you do but play, if the colors and forms of
the things you are to eat are this

Maybe it's allowed, when as a result you have
a delicious dish.



This was the last week of summer holiday for the whole family. I started a cardigan for me, started and finished a book, listened to some music over and over again, enjoyed summer meals and summer sceneries. I guess, I was a bit selfindulgent this past week, but soon there won't be much time for me-things. Oh working world here we come again!