Fed up

These past three weeks haven't really been the best ones. Each and every member of this family is completely fed up of being sick. Our kitchen is starting to look like an apothecary with three bottles of antibiotics, four medications for eye-infections, fever medications, pouches filled with smashed onions and garlic, herbal remedies etc. Every one of us has an eye-infection, both the girls have a middle-ears infection, I was finally today diagnosed with an sinus infection after ten days of fever and Iisa has caught a stomach bug to top this whole thing. My poor husband has spend his winter holiday driving us to the doctor and apothecary, doing the house-hold and having his share of sneezing and coughing. Well, I hope the worst of this is already behind us.

However, there are some positive sides in this. I really haven't been in the condition to clean the house, but my husband has taken great effort in that field. I have been spending time on the couch or in bed knitting, making jewelery and crocheting. I find it somehow interesting, that it is easier to do crafts than read while being sick, because reading normally is very highly ranked in my priorities. Naturally when the fever gets high enough, there is no other option than sleeping, but ten days of sleeping is a bit too much even for me.

I hope you are in good health and I wish you a lovely Easter time celebrating our Saviour.


Knitting the flu away

The flu just won't leave me alone. I've been trying to take it easy, leaving the household as it is and doing only things which are not more physical that sitting, like knitting and reading magazines and blogs.

Because I didn't have the right size and length of circular needles at home for my Koigu beret, there was a change in plans. The boldly vibrant Koigu Merino is now on my needles and slowly taking the form of a lace hat for Elsi. With 2.5mm needles the process seems to be very time consuming. She'll be possibly able to wear this at the end of summer instead of spring, because I really need to get the cardigans for my girls done first. This project is purely for the fun of knitting with this yarn. I hope the size will fit her, because both the yarn and needles are different from the original pattern. With my fever, I'm really not in the mood for checking the gauge and measuring the hat according to it. This project goes by the feeling and just for the record I suck in math.

Sitting around at home has made me to do something, I haven't done in a couple of years. I took to the daylight my lino-printing stuff. Carved a new printing blog and went crazy printing with it. I wonder, why I had such a long break out of doing it. The hardest part was keeping my toddler out of the paint, out of eating the paint and out of painting everything with the paint. Luckily, the paint I'm using is as non-toxic as this stuff gets. Well, it seems though that I won't get these posted as cards before Easter, because tomorrow I really need to get back to work, no matter how I'm feeling.


Goldilocks and four years

The spring sun showed me, that my small baby had turned into Goldilocks. In couple of weeks she'll be whole four years old. The Goldilocks will try everything, play every role and surely knows what she likes. She has learned the delightful expressions of 'I want' and 'I don't want to'. Those same expressions repeated vigorously are driving her parents crazy and smitten with love. She knows, how to butter her bread, how to follow lines with scissors, how to change her outfit ten times a day and how to travel to space and back in a matter of minutes. She likes the jewelry of the mother bear, the bed of the father bear and the toys of the baby bear best. The whole girl not only her locks are worth gold and more to us.

Greetings from space


Grass for my walls

This grass is actually paper yarn turning into a rya with lights. The original do-it-yourself kit can be purchased here, however I have bought the materials for it separately. Violet reminded me yesterday with her paper yarn rya, that I had this project hiding in a closet. I started this in the midst of the darkest October and was planning to finish it by the Easter. Now I have quite many stitches to do in order to have it done by the end of the next week.


Magazines and yarn

I'm at home. Me and my younger daughter are down with a flu. Yesterday I was at work with a rising fever and in the middle of the day we got a phone call from the kinder garden that Iisa had fever as well. Since I was a kid this has been the time, when flu bugs get to me. I remember various easter holidays lying sick in bed.

Our house is a mess, because last week my husband was sick, and I used every spare moment browsing through the magazines my husband brought me from States or knitting. During the most sunniest hours of the day, I'm normally at work, so I manage to escape the look of our dirty windows, dusty corners and toys lying around. I love the spring sun, but it sure doesn't give the best impression of my house-keeping skills. Unfortunately the creative chaos seems to be more natural to our family than organized tidiness. However, when the Easter comes, I want our house to be clean and festive.

This Koigu yarn is to become a beret for me.

Sublime Merino is turning into a jacket for Iisa

Spring hat
Pattern: adapted from Moda 1/07
Yarn: Drops, Silke Alpaca
Needles: Bambu sock needles 3.5mm
I like the reverse side best