Without proper daylight, I didn't even try
making a photo of my girl wearing this.

I nearly finished the tunic for Elsi. If you look at closely at the picture above, you might notice the hem is still unfinished. I find sewing the hem so boring. Well, the tunic is not wearable, if I leave it unfinished. As you can guess, I'm not a big perfectionist. No true perfectionist would show an unfinished garment to other bloggers. This was a quick and fairly easy pattern to sew. The hardest part was combining the folds and trimming. Actually, I would like to find a pattern for making myself a matching tunic with the same fabric, but leaving the gingham trimming out.

The hanger from Käsityöpuoti Lumo

The absence of snow and sun makes the appearance of primroses on stores truly notable. Normally I've been buying yellow or pink primroses, but without a trace of snow the white ones really caught my eye. I needed to have my own pile of snow with the sun shining above.

4 kommenttia:

Iiriskukka kirjoitti...

ihana tunika!Mistä olet kaavat hommannut siihen?Voisi olla kiva meidänkin tyttöselle?

Merruli kirjoitti...

Kaava oli viimeisimmästä Ottobresta. Pitääkin laittaa tiedot tuohon, tai linkki aloituspostaukseen. Kyseisessä Ottobre-lehdessä oli kovin paljon houkuttelevaa ommeltavaa.

Ravenhill kirjoitti...

lovely dress you have made. Oh, and I adore primroses too. I have also noticed them in the shops and usually buy one at this time of year too. I plant it in the garden when it has faded in the spring and they usually do well. I have had one there now for 3 or 4 years.

Happy weekend!

Iiriskukka kirjoitti...

Kiitos!Selailinkin kaupassa pikaisesti sitä lehteä,mutta en tuota huomannut.Pitää käydä hakemassa.:)