Things I will miss

A major change in my life is only a couple foot steps away. At the beginning of February I'm going back to work and my babies are going to day-care. I've had four most pleasant years staying at home. Now sooner than I thought and had originally planned, I'm going back to work to teaching the kids of others while other's are taking care of my kids. I'm horrified! Well, I'll see this through and if this doesn't work for us, I'll stay one more year at home after the summer vacation. For my first-born this might work nicely, because she is in constant need of activities and friends, but my younger one, still seems so small for day-care, at least in my eyes.

Here are some of the things, I know, I'll miss the most:
Peaceful mornings, sleeping till nine o'clock.
Deciding freely what to do and when to do it.
Having other mums for a coffee the whole day long.
Holding the still sleepy baby after her nap.
Taking a nap with my girls.
Hearing every new found word first.
Reading the day-time story.
Having time for creativity.
Excessive blogging.
Watching my kids play.

Ok, I know, it's not end of the world to go back to work. And there are plenty of babies aged six months or under around the world in day-care, but for me this is going to be a huge adjustment. An adjustment I'm feeling a bit uneasy with. There'll be definitely less blogging and less crafting, but I won't give up reading the stories of your other lovely bloggers!

4 kommenttia:

Iiriskukka kirjoitti...

Tuttuja ajatuksia!Minun oli tarkoitus aloittaa työt tässä kuussa,olinkin sen kaksi päivää.Mutta ei,vielä en ollut valmis työelämään.Liian hätäisesti ajattelin töihinpaluuta.Vuoden olen vielä kotona ja sitten kun palailen töihin,aloitan puolikkaalla.Pehmä lasku työelämään.

Ravenhill kirjoitti...

Dear Merruli,
I can uderstand your feelings about going back to work. I am sad to read it because you wrote that you will have less time for crafts and blogging. I hope that you will continue as much as you can. You have a talent with words and finding beauty around you. I wish you peace in your decision.

Merruli kirjoitti...

Iiriskukka, niin en tiedä onko kotiäitiyden jälkeen koskaan helppoa lähteä töihin, mutta määräaikaisuus tai kevennetty viikko helpottavat alkua.Taitaa olla lopulta vaikeampaa äidille kuin lapsille.

Ravenhill. I'm hoping to be able to knit while commuting by bus, let's see if that really happens. Being a teacher gives me two whole months of crafting in summer so I guess I'll be blogging also in future, only not so regularly.Thank you Emily, being once again so supportive.

heidi kirjoitti...

Paljon reippautta ja voimia töihin! Jos olet ope, voit sentään lohduttautua pitkilä kesälomilla joiden aikana saat taas nauttia lapsiesi seurasta mielin määrin.