It took just a glance at the latest copy of Ottobre to get me back to sewing and, well, buying a copy for myself. The whole magazine is filled with very doable patterns. My soon four-year-old is in the mids of fast growing period and all her clothes are getting small at the same time, so there's a real need for some sewing.

Today I used the few light hours during the day nap of the younger one for tracing a pattern for a tunic and a pair of trousers. Tracing the pattern, cutting it and doing the same thing then with the fabric is the part of sewing, I would like to skip. But there's really no short-cuts in those phases. Needles to say, I love choosing the fabric and deciding what to sew. Also the actual sewing is quite nice, if things run smoothly.

The two fabrics above, I chose for the tunic. The pink gingham I'll use for the trimmings. I very much like these fabrics and I hope the end product will do them justice. I'll show you the results, if I dare, when I have it put together.

The trousers underneath are from a fabric I found last fall in a charity shop. Stylewise the tunic and these trousers are from totally different worlds, but they quite nicely picture the conflict I'm having with things I like. On the other hand soft and country romantic and on the other the things with a retro feel. In decorating our home this is quite a challenge, but luckilly dressing myself or the girls up, it's easy to choose one style to go at a time. Because lately my own sewing machine has been giving me hard time, I went with these trousers over to my mum's and borrowed her overlock machine. These types of fabrics are so much nicer to be sewn with an overlock machine. My Pfaff will have to change her manners or I will trade her for an overlock machine.

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Ravenhill kirjoitti...

Merruli! I am so impressed with your skills at making clothes! The retro pants are fabulous. I too like several different styles and it is a dillema. I struggle with the desire for comfort vs looking nice for both myself and the kids. Comfort always wins. I am looking forward to seeing how the great new fabrics are going to look all sewn up.

Liivia kirjoitti...

vau noita pöksyjä!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Ravenhill, I would say comfort is the style that mostly wins in our family as well.For example I love the looks of dresses and skirts, but in winter time rarely find myself wearing one.

Liivia; kiitos! Mies nimesi maastohousuiksi.