Autumn all around

The schools have started, it's constantly raining and knitting with wool feels just right - so it really is autumn. Even though I haven't finished a single piece of my yellow cardigan, I've started a pair of monkey socks ( I'll post a picture of them, when I get a good one, but those of you, who are familiar with Ravelry, might know the pattern ) and started an autumn scarf out of Noro Kureyon. The scarf is a no-brainer, but my shoulders are starting to deny knitting by causing me headache all the time. So now I have four unfinished knitting projects, all started during last three weeks.

This color way of Noro has all the colors of autumn. Part of the colors I really do not like, but I hope they'll eventually make a nice composition.

The pencil case I put together today. It is something I seriously need. I've usually had too big pencil cases and now I aimed at something that holds only the things I really need. The linen with frogs as well as the lining are both from Purl Soho. I'm so happy with both of the fabrics and this time I'm also happy with my sewing results.

I spend quite a time with Flickr today, trying to find out how to publish my photos through it in my blog, but so far I couldn't find a way to really make it work with more than one photo at the time. I'll try to find the time to figure it out some time, though.Well, that's what autumn usually is about too: learning new things.

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Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

I am surprised, the Finnish school starts in the middle of the holiday (from the Czech view). Here they start it in September, July and August is off, it is like that because it is the harvest time and back then children had to stay at home and help with the crop. I thought it was interesting... today we just think of it as a break but it was actually the other way round.

leena kirjoitti...

Ihanan väristä lankaa!

Marja kirjoitti...

Ihanat sävyt neuleessa!

Merruli kirjoitti...

bohemian girl: I think it was the same with holidays earlier in Finland. But after the great moving waves to cities in the 70's the need for helpful hands in the farms didn't affect the holiday timetable anymore. So June and July are the holiday months, but there's been a lot of discussion whether we should have vacation in July and August as the most of the Europe does.

Leena ja Ilona: Värien takia Noroa juuri neulonkin, ei mielestäni muuten mikään superlanka.

Inka kirjoitti...

Löysin läjän Noro-lankaa lankakaapin kätköistä (tai se mikään kaappi ole, vaan isot määrät pusseja ja kasseja sullottu täyteen lankaa) ja mietin mitä siitä tekisin. Huivi ja lapaset voisi olla hyvä idis, niitä nyt ainakin aina tarvitaan :)
Kauniit värit huivissa.