Weekend crafts

Pointy Kitty in process

On Sunday morning I got a chance for furious knitting while the kids were watching the telly. Although I appreciate the possibility to sleep longer on one morning every weekend, those days usually end up being a bit blurry. Too much sleep at once seems to be quite as bad as no sleep at all. Even though I have not finished the sweaters nor the WeeWonderfuls Pointy Kitty I have been working on, I started one more new project. This time with Novita yarn 'Huopanen'. I'm knitting mittens in kid's size. This is my first time knitting with 'Huopanen' and I have no idea, how much the mittens will shrink in the felting process, but at the time the mitten (the almost finished one) looks gigantic. Hopefully the children's size is meant more for like four-year-olds than for school kids. I'll show you the mittens before and after the felting when I get that far.

With all the crafting going on, I don't seem to get myself out of the house and to do all those things that are waiting in the garden. The vegetable garden needs serious weeding and there are some cloves of garlic waiting for planting, even though it might already be too late for that.Of course I'm outside with the girls every day, but the combination of two small children, muddy garden and a ditch filled with autumn rain is not very practical.

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