The Doll's new jacket

On Monday I was inspired by the tender care the girls were giving their dolls. It' s such a treat to watch them play and even better to see them play for a little while together. I'm amazed how an 18months old toddler can already play with a doll. Iisa carries the baby doll in a very careful manner, hushes it, gives it something to eat and puts it to the pram and pushes around the house.
Because dressing the dolls up is still my job, I felt like there was a need for one more jacket. Elsi got to choose the fabric, so it's no big surprise that the garment was to be pink. During Iisa's nap, I made a pattern and sew this jacket. The results are far from perfect, but I had fun making it.

Here's the proud owner of a new jacket

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