And the winners are/ Voittajat

Thank you all of you, who participated on my first give-away. It was so nice to hear from all of you and get to know a couple of new faces aswell.

Kiitokset teille kaikille, jotka halusitte osallistua arpajaisiini. Oli hauska kuulla kaikista teistä ja oppia ohessa tuntemaan uusiakin kasvoja.

My daughter got to help me to pick up the winners. She was quite happy to take the task. The first name she picked up was The Fairy Glade, who gets to choose which one of the jewelery she prefers. The second name she picked was Silmukatti. Congratulations girls! Please, send to my e-mail address your address details in order to get your prize posted. The little linen pouches shown underneath will follow the jewelery.

Toinen tytöistäni sai auttaa arvonnassa. Hän otti tehtävän tärkeänä vastaan. Ensimmäinen nimi, joka nousi purkista oli The Fairy Glade, joka saa valita palkinnoista mieleisensä. Toinen palkinto osui Silmukatille. Onnea, tytöt!Silmukatti, lähetäthän osoitetietosi, niin saan palkintosi postiin. Palkinnon seurana on toinen allanäkyvistä pellavapussukoista.

3 kommenttia:

The Fairy Glade kirjoitti...

Hi Merruli I am so excited to win your giveaway and if I may choose first then I think the bracelet would be my choice as I have just bought a lovely new green shirt. Thank you so much I can't wait for it to arrive. Dev x

Ravenhill kirjoitti...

Congratulations to the winners! I so love these beautiful pouches you have made. They have such character adn charm with the delightful inner fabrics and the lovely hand stitches!

Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

Congratulations to the winners. I liked both things but didn't sign in as I cannot wear either bracelet or earrings now, my little guy would be going after them all the time. I have to wait few more years for these delights.