Unfinished businesses/ Keskeneräistä

Bad planning and postponing things put together can turn into weekends like this one. No time for simple relaxation like crafting or just being quiet. Instead of that rushing from an errand to another, from an obligation to the next. I'll really need the short fall break which we'll have from Wednesday to Sunday the coming week.

Not only relaxation is on the hold. Usually I try to ignore the fact that I have almost the same amount of unfinished crafts lying around as I have finished projects in use. This might be due to the constant multitasking I'm guilty of - or the fact that there are so many things I would like to make. Here are a couple of examples: The embroidered table runner (started over a year ago) or the basket filled with my hibernating knitting projects (all started this year). Some projects just have the power to get ready, others are the funniest by the beginning. It would save me a lot of money, time and effort to know which kind of a project, I'm planning, while starting a new craft.

Kun suunnittelee työnsä ja vapaaehtoiset menonsa huonosti ja yhdistää sen tapaan tehdä kaikki viimetingassa on seurauksena tämän viikonlopun kaltaisia päiviä. Ei toivoakaan oleskelusta hiljakseen tai käsitöiden kanssa rentoutumisesta, vaan on säntäiltävä päätä pahkaa tehtävästä toiseen ja velvollisuudesta seuraavaan. Ensi viikon syyslomapätkälle alkaa todella olla tarvetta.

Rentoutuminen ei tässä talossa ole ainoa asia, joka aina välillä joutuu odottelemaan aikaansa. Tarkemmin kun katsoo, saattaa huomata tosiasian, jonka yleensä pyrin jättämään huomiotta: minulla on vähintään yhtä paljon keskeneräisiä käsitöitä kuin niitä valmistuneita. Esimerkkeinä tästä taipumuksesta käyvät hyvin vaikka noin puolitoista vuotta sitten aloitettu kirjontatyö, josta piti tulla pöytäliina tai korillinen vaiheessa olevia neulomuksia (kaikki aloitettu tänä vuonna).Toisissa projekteissa vain on tarvittava imu sen loppuunsaattamiseen, kun taas joissakin töissä aloittaminen on se hauskin vaihe. Säästäisi kummasti aikaa, vaivaa ja rahaa, jos jo ryhtyessään tietäisi kummasta on kyse.

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Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

He, he, I know what you are talking about. Some crafts are actually pretty boring, like knitting at some point. The good way how to get out of it is to move. To a different house and leave the unfinished stuff behind. That actually works only until you start to pile a new projects in a corner of your new apartment.

The Fairy Glade kirjoitti...

Hello there, I love the hardanger table cloth. Haven't done any myself for a few years now but love the white on white, simple but so pretty. Am busy crafting for halloween and am signed up for a couple of christmas swap's so no time to sit with my feet up, even if I wnated too! Dev X

mikodesign kirjoitti...

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The Fairy Glade kirjoitti...

Hello Merruli why don't you take part in the next Christmas swap with Heidi. I have a link on my blog on the side bar or you can find her in my favourites under Foxgloves. You have until November 1st to leave her a message and register. I would love to swap with you, but obviously she pairs the ladies up. It is such good fun and so exciting opening up your box when it arrives. Dev X

Merruli kirjoitti...

Bohemian girl:Hmm, interesting. Here we might have a real cultural difference.Every time I have moved, I have taken every little piece with me or have taken it to the nearest charity shop and my new homes have been quite as empty. Do people leave stuff behind in your country when they move? Well, you'll have to be careful with the projects you start, if you are not planning a move in near future ;o)

Dev:Sounds that you have some good crafting going on. I'm quite happy that we don't celebrate halloween here, because I really don't need an extra holiday to make preparations for.And what comes to the Christmas swap, I really don't know whether I have the time for it, even I would love to participate.

Yippee, I won my first give away in the blog of mikodesign. Go, go and check her page.