The latest haul/ Viimeisin saalis

I did a bit of hunting at the flea-market. I was able to catch a bit of Christmas as well.

Tuloksellinen metsästysretki kirpputorille. Haaviin tarttui jo hiukkanen joulua.

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Leena kirjoitti...

Hieno saalis!

Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

Nice! I regret we don't have so many flea markets here, we have lot of antique and kind of antique stores that don't sell for flea-market prices though. People don't get rid off their stuff so easily here and that is also the answer to your question regarding the moving out and leaving old stuff behind. I mostly meant that moving out is a good opportunity to get rid off the things that have been hanging on you like a stone, that you postpone to throw away because you might need it later or you just don't feel like doing it in a particular moment. No, Czechs don't leave their things in the old apartment, in fact, they tend to take little more of what had been there before them. Ehm. Attitude from a socialistic country background, everything belongs to everyone.

Katilein kirjoitti...

Kirpputorit ovat kyllä hyvä keksintö! Hienoja löytöjä. Ihastelin myös edellisen kirjoituksen mekkoa ja paperinarumukinalusta. Itse en olekaan vielä paperinarua virkannut, täytyy joskus kokeilla!
Mukavaa alkavaa viikkoa!

Julie kirjoitti...

I am really drawn to your beautiful counted thread embroidery. I have done several projects many years ago and they make me feel like taking it up again. Your sympathetic photography really displays the feeling of the works. I can also identify with a basketful of unfinished items!!!!

mikodesign kirjoitti...

Hi, I did not recieve your adres for the give away, please send it to e_harberts(@)hotmail.com

Merruli kirjoitti...

Bohemian girl:I wonder whether you'll get the same kind of flood of flea-markets some day what we have experienced in the last ten years or so. If you'll have this trend, I'm sure you'll know to be the first one visiting them and getting the best stuff. I guess, I really should be selling some of my stuff at a flea-market instead of buying more stuff.

Katilein: Kokeile ihmeessä paperinarun virkkaamista.

Julie: Definitely I recommend you to revive your old habit of doing counted thread embroidery. It's such a nice art, though time-consuming. You'll have enough of sunlight for doing it, unlike we here up north in winter, for me it really is a summer craft.