Magazines and yarn

I'm at home. Me and my younger daughter are down with a flu. Yesterday I was at work with a rising fever and in the middle of the day we got a phone call from the kinder garden that Iisa had fever as well. Since I was a kid this has been the time, when flu bugs get to me. I remember various easter holidays lying sick in bed.

Our house is a mess, because last week my husband was sick, and I used every spare moment browsing through the magazines my husband brought me from States or knitting. During the most sunniest hours of the day, I'm normally at work, so I manage to escape the look of our dirty windows, dusty corners and toys lying around. I love the spring sun, but it sure doesn't give the best impression of my house-keeping skills. Unfortunately the creative chaos seems to be more natural to our family than organized tidiness. However, when the Easter comes, I want our house to be clean and festive.

This Koigu yarn is to become a beret for me.

Sublime Merino is turning into a jacket for Iisa

Spring hat
Pattern: adapted from Moda 1/07
Yarn: Drops, Silke Alpaca
Needles: Bambu sock needles 3.5mm
I like the reverse side best

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Ravenhill kirjoitti...

Oh, Merruli, I hope that you and your youngest are better soon! It is so hard to be down with the flu at the same time and right after your husband has been out of the country. Good that you have that pile of delicious magazines to keep you distracted. What beautiful yarns! I love both the bright and the neutral and look forward to seeing the projects as you work on and complete them. Before I was forced to give up sugar I used to love peanut butter cups. Get well soon and happy spring wishes from Emily in Norway.

Merruli kirjoitti...

Thanks Emily. Iisa seems to be better already (I think nursing her gives her extra power to fight those bugs), but now the flu bug got Elsi. I'm feeling good enough to be on computer and working on my rya, so I'm feeling a bit guilty of not being at work. This is the first time I got to taste peanut butter cups and I'm addicted already, luckilly they are not available in Finland.
Happy spring for you as well and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!