I finally got the change to go to a fleamarket and oh boy, did I have some fun. I even managed to keep myself calm and be rather selective with the things I purchased. I came home with only two pieces of 60's fabrics instead of the normal stack of fabric.

So far, my winter holiday has consisted mainly of wiping the runny noses of my daughters, cleaning the house and knitting. I might report the knitting part of it later this week, after my husband has arrived from his business trip to States.

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Bohemian Girl kirjoitti...

I hope the buttons will remain qualité supérieure for you, they look like a pre-war product to me, that means a good one.
Hmm, I wish there were more flea markets in the Czech Republic (I wish there were any..)

Sanctuary kirjoitti...

Such lovely finds! Wishing you a great weekend!

violet kirjoitti...

Kuva langoista on kaunis, kaunis, kaunis!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Bohemian girl: I think these would look nice framed. I bought them simply for the look they have.

Sanctuary: Thanks!

Violet: Kiitokset. Itse asiassa nähdessäni nämä pellavalangat tuli mieleeni heti virkkaamasi rannekorut, en vain ole päässyt vielä toteutusastelle asiassa.