Grass for my walls

This grass is actually paper yarn turning into a rya with lights. The original do-it-yourself kit can be purchased here, however I have bought the materials for it separately. Violet reminded me yesterday with her paper yarn rya, that I had this project hiding in a closet. I started this in the midst of the darkest October and was planning to finish it by the Easter. Now I have quite many stitches to do in order to have it done by the end of the next week.

3 kommenttia:

Magdaléna kirjoitti...

Rya - looks intriguing. I wonder what it is, I have never heard of it and quick search on the internet gave me just an obscure idea.

Merruli kirjoitti...

I guess a wall hanging would be a better name for rya. Originally these were made out of wool yarn with several colors and motifs and used as blankets or covers on the wall against the cold, but nowadays all possible materials are used, including paper yarn.

violet kirjoitti...

Nonniin, hienolta näyttää!
oma ruiskukkamereni on kesken kun aloin kesken tehdä neuletta;-)
Mutta teen sen paperijutunkin tässä jossakin vaiheessa.
Mun naruni on muuten pyöreään ja hemmetin kovaa. Ei oikein sopivaa tähän työhön.