Domestic achievements

Yes, It's a toy car, totally unintentional on my side

Today, we baked for the first time this year. The recipe for these cardamom muffins or cupcakes is to be found in the latest copy of ME-lehti, unfortunately not available in web. The recipe caught my eye, because it had some sour cream (smetana) in it. There was just the right amount of it as left-overs from Christmas cooking and the eggs in the fridge were nearing their best before date. Best way to clean the fridge without needing to toss food in compost is to bake. It's quite rare, you have to put sweets in compost. Baking a salty pie works quite as well for rest pieces of cheese and veggies. The cupcakes were so yummy, I had to eat several of them, but hey, I did it purely for environmental reasons.

As many other bloggers in January, I'm trying to organize our domestic chaos a bit. Today as I was folding my fabric stash back in order...

behind my back my avid little helper was doing this

so as a result, I would conclude that the amount of chaos in our house remains stable no matter what I do.

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Per kirjoitti...

Oh, my goodness! This made me laugh so hard! This is exactly what was happening here today!!! I cannot keep up with the kids and their messes. They are simply too fast for me. I am too fast in making messes myself. I had my desk and sewing room organized already but they are now even messier than before. Thank you for a wonderful post! I simply love the photos and the lovely tale you tell. Your fabrics look so delicious by the way!

Felicia kirjoitti...

Those muffins look tasty :)

Sanctuary kirjoitti...

Heiii, me tehtiin muutama päivä sitten noita ihan samoja kakkusia, hyviä tuli!

Melissa kirjoitti...

ooh- those muffins look so great! what better way to 'recycle' the contents of the fridge? ;)
looks like you've got yourself a very helpful assistant there.

Merruli kirjoitti...

Per, It's so nice to know, I'm not the only one with this problem of reappearing chaos. Same here, I'm quite as bad making a mess as my kids are. If you have a blog of your own, please leave me your address, because it's not available through blogger. I'd like to visit yours aswell!

Felicia, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

Sanctuary, joku muukin kuin minä siis lukee Me-lehden :o). Meillä katosivat päivässä ja mies sai vain yhden, oops.

Melissa, thanks! Yep, the muffins were gone in one day so this recycling process was very effective.