There's a new kitty in the house

Finally the Weewonderfuls Kitty got its' eyes open. If you want to make one, you'll find the pattern here. It was fairly easy to make, but attaching the head to the body was the hardest part.. I think a special long needle for making stuffed toys might be useful in making this. Now I will have to make an other one, so that both the girls will have a cat of their own or give this cat to a new family.

Because Elsi finds her mum most of the time in front of the computer, sewing machine or a pair of knitting needles, she has moved her drawing studio into my working space, taking my pencils and papers for her better use. The photo below shows one still-life I found on my desk after her, I just think the princess among the pencils looked so nice. The life of little girls is a bit like that; lots of colours and moments of being a princess.

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magicalmuse kirjoitti...

Your kitty turned out cute! And I moved my daughter's art supplies in the computer - craft room and she seemed to like it. Now it's too messy to do that so I need to clear it out again so she can get in here.