Please don't tell Mama

...because I'm knitting this scarf for her as a Christmas present. I seriously thought before, that I wouldn't be able to knit any type of lace, but as it turned out, I can if I take the effort to try (and the pattern is not too difficult). The yarn is 'Kitten Mohair' from SandnesGarn and I'm using 6mm needles. OK, so now I have four knitting projects at the same time. Well at least this project has a clear dead-line in December.

The near by library is a true goldmine when it comes to finding books about crafts, decoration or almost any other topic near to my heart and interests. Here's the pile of books I have carried home in last two weeks.

The book on the top of the pile is my absolute favourite "Tilda- Satumainen Talvi- ompelua ja askartelua" by Tone Finnanger. The book is filled with instructions and patterns for the most beautiful Christmas decorations i.e. stuffed angels and snowmen among others.

The other books pictured are "Tunnelmallinen joulu" by Charlotta Boucht and Mari Koli, "Do Redo, kuinka villapaita paloitellaan" by Ivarsson, Brieditis and Evans, "Neulo ja huovuta leluja" by Zoë Halstead, "Virkkaajan käsikirja" by Pauline Turner and finally "Huovutuksen uudet ideat" by Vibeke Saetre and Marit Gulbrandsen.

These books work for me like picture books and as a source for inspiration, but I do hope that I get to make myself something out of Tone Finnanger's book. As you may have noticed this post includes already three times the word 'Christmas', but that's more than natural at this point of the year.Quite soon you would be able to hear here Christmas carols, at least when my husband is not around, he'll tolerate them only around the 24th of December.

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Lucky your mama, that is so beautiful!