And brought back by the summer

Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my previous post. It seems, that maybe sooner than I thought, I came to notice that I quite miss the blogging. Without blogging I don't take my camera out as much and my crafting lacks some extra motivation. I just need to keep it in my mind that I don't have so much time for blogging as I wish I had. Now in summer I might post more frequently, but when my work starts again, I'll aim for at least one post a month.

So far my summer vacation has mainly consisted of organizing and cleaning the house bit by bit(still unfinished), of reading as many magazines as possible and of just being there for my kids. There has been some major challenges, like teaching my youngest to be without diapers (so far a very successful project) and weaning her (really not that successful at all).

Somehow I haven't brought myself to serious crafting yet. Last week I finally managed to do something, though:

A simple apron out of linen for myself, which I have been wearing every day since. (Spot the new colour in kids room. I earlier said, there definitely wouldn't be a pink wall in our house, but well now there is.)

And quite as simple skirt for Elsi. The fabric is a thrifted tablecloth and the skirt made without a pattern.

My knitting has been on break as well, since I finished the lace hat. I still have one skein of this vibrant Koigu left and since both the girls have been wearing the hat, I should knit an other, but knitting two things a like, doesn't sound like much fun.

Despite the fact that I like working in the garden, I haven't liked it this spring and summer. First I didn't have the time for it, because May is one of the busiest months for a teacher and then the weather has been all but favorable for growing things this summer. First it was too cold, then too dry then too little of sunshine and now again too cold. Last summer everything was so easy in the vegetable garden, now the only thing really liking its' existence in my garden is rhubarb. Luckily these anemones keep on coming up and flowering. If I get some other crop from my garden than salad this year, I'll sure be boasting about it.

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Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

Merruli! Welcome back to this strange virtual world. Well, it is interesting what you say, that your crafting without blogging missed one special reason. Does it mean that if I stop blogging that I'll also stop knitting and stuff, I am asking myself...
So, out of your succesful projects, the skirt for your daughter(?) is the most appealing to me. It is because it reminds me of the 80s when I was a teenager myself, I think, but I am not only a nostalgist, I am going to wear this stuff again! Together with the stockings.

Unknown kirjoitti...

Oh, Merulli, how truly wonderful to have you back!!! Thank you so much for letting me know. I had dropped by sorowfully and wistfully a few times during your abscence, hoping... Your photography has not suffered from lack of practice that is certain. The first photo of the clover is perfectly delightful! I love the apron you have made for yourself, so simple and sweet - and don't you have a pretty waist!? I adore the thrifted tablecloth turned skirt! Well done in the upcylcling!
So happy you have returned!
~Emily xxx

Marja kirjoitti...

Kiva, kun tulit takaisin. Sinua on kaivattu! Myssy on mielettömän ihana!

Merruli kirjoitti...

So nice to hear from you girls!! And definitely nice having you back visiting me, despite the break.

Bohemian girl: I just guess, I'm such a crafter who loves getting feedback and blogging really helps me to finish the projects I have reported. It is funny how even the stuff from the 80s starts to look wearable again- that I wouldn't have said some years ago.

Emily:Oh thank you so much!You are still as encouraging as ever.Hih, love the positive comment on my waist, well, the trick lies on the lifted arms.

Ilona:Kiitos, ja mukavaa että saan tuntea itseni tervetulleeksi takaisin.

Ripsu kirjoitti...

Tervetuloa takaisin! Ihana toi sun hamees!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Ripsu: Kiitokset kahdesti!