Rawmaterial happiness

The Crafts Fair 'Kädentaito 2007' in Pirkkahalli was once again an easy place to loose one's money, all the beautiful yarns, papers, stamps, beads etc. in one very crowded place. These yarns are meant for Christmas presents. This yarn from Noro is a luxury mixture of wool, silk and angora. As soon as I got home I started to knit a scarf for my mother-in-law out of it. Knitting this yarn is such a pleasure, it's very cooperative and I love the shifting colours in it. For the Wendy Fusion yarn I don't yet have a clear plan, but that colour combination is surely one I'm looking forward working with.

These merino felting wools and beads in watery colours I'm hoping to turn into a necklace or armband. I very much like the process of felting, but I rarely get into it, because it's so messy and needs quite a lot of time. Let's see whether I need the bias tape maker as much as I have thought I need it.

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Tiuku kirjoitti...

Hym,hym. kiva blogi sinulla. Kas kun en ole aiemmin tänne löytänyt??
Itse en tampereen käsityö messuille kerinnyt.Lupasin kuitenkin itselleni että joulukuussa suuntaan Helsinkiin joulumyyjäisiin ja naistenmessuille.
Kauniin värisiä lankoja olit messuilta löytänyt..

Matroskin kirjoitti...

Lovely treasures! I like your retro t-shirt. How lucky that it has served as a children's nightie, it won't have 70s sweat under the arms then!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Kiitokset Tiuku ja tervetuloa.

Matroskin, hah the sweat thing hadn't crossed my mind, so thanks, now I have one more reason to enjoy my t-shirt.

violet kirjoitti...

Mitkä upeat värit langoissa ja helmissä!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Violet, vielä kun saisinkin kasattua sen mielessäni siintävän korun noista helmistä valmiiksi asti. Väri-ilo jää vähäiseksi, kun helmet majailevat nyt paperipussissa.