A purse to match the bag

This little purse should have been an easy project to accompany the bag i made a few days ago, but somehow I always seem to get into trouble with zippers. I just hate it when the lining gets stuck with the zipper and this pair does it constantly, so maybe I should do some ripping apart. I used bias tape inside to make the seams invisible, but that was not without problems either....this many layers of fabric would have called for a thicker needle in my sewing machine, but I hate changing needles. The blue fabrics are from PurlSoho, and the lace is from a vintage pillow case.

The knitting magazine underneath the purse is from 1952 and I found it today on the flea market. There are really nice projects for kids, but the introductions are for people who really know their way with knitting needles, so instead of making a whole project out of this magazine, I think I'll end up experimenting with the patterns. For example, there was a nice leaf motif that caught my eye, and I consisted only of purls and knits.

3 kommenttia:

Rebecca / Sanctuary kirjoitti...

Jostain kautta löytyi tie tänne, kaunis blogi, ihania aikaansaannoksia! Tulen varmasti uudelleen!

Tanja kirjoitti...

Ihania kankaita hienossa kukkarossasi! Hyvällä neulalla tulee kaunista jälkeä, joten kannattaa jaksaa vaihtaa aina välillä :)

Merruli kirjoitti...

Sanctuary, hauskaa, että löysit tänne!
Kiitokset rohkaisusta. Tervetuloa kyläilemään toistekin!