Ice and birds

The ever changing appearance of snow and ice was one of the things which made last weekend interesting weatherwise. Now I think the winter is really coming, because this is what I saw Saturday morning when going for a walk with kids.

When the birds which need open waters are heading south, I assume there's more snow and ice coming. Whooper Swan is one of my favourite birds, it's such a beauty and I like the idea of a monogamous bird. They certainly are not great singers, but I still like their whooping sound a lot. It's such a pleasure of seeing these birds so often nowadays knowing their history of almost getting killed to extinct.

In addition to admiring birds this weekend I finished the scarf for my mother-in-law. Luckily the one skein of Noro-yarn I bought was enough to knit a waist long scarf. The little felted brooch I made just for the fun of it. I have some scraps of felted wool from my earlier projects and they are perfect for these kinds of decorations. The kitchen towel for Christmas was inspired or rather a copy of these.
The quilted bit of the towel, was originally meant to be pockets into the advent calender, but I soon realized they were way too small, because seam allowances take a great part of them. I'm not so sure I'll be able to put together a new advent calender this year, but I don't fell like using the old one either.

5 kommenttia:

Liivia kirjoitti...

Kivoja juttuja blogissasi, tänne palaan!

Sea Angels kirjoitti...

I have enjoyed looking at your posts, so much . You have a very good eye for shape, form and texture, it was a real pleasure to visit you thankyou. You are so lucky to get frosts and snow, scrummy
Lynn xx

Merruli kirjoitti...

Liivia: mukavaa, että poikkesit kyläilemään ja tervetuloa toistekin!

sea angels: thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I hope you'll get to enjoy some snow there aswell.

Tiuku kirjoitti...

Kauniita jääkuvioita. Täälläkin on jäätä, mutta vain liukastamassa jalankulkijan taivalta.
Rintakoru on soma, kivan värikäs!

Salanimi kirjoitti...

Ihana rintakoru - lisäsin sinut suosikkeihin heti!