Last beams of summer

In October the sunshine gets here so rare that you have to cherish every single beam of it and every beautiful shadow created by it. My Oilseed pumpkins are more or less freezing on the porch, but they still manage to fill me with the joy of growing things and harvesting things.

Now that the season of gardening is almost over in here, there is more time for indoor activities like sewing, knitting and baking. In summertime I live in and for outdoors but now it's time to get active inside the house. I've started with two simple sweaters, one for me and the other for my younger daughter.

This fluffy yarn is Kuura by Novita and I'm knitting of it a simple sleeveless tunic sweater for myself.

Oh, if you are wondering the sudden change in language, I have an explanation ready for you. I decided it could be wise to use this time on computer as effectively as possible, so now while I'm learning new stuff about my computer, I'm at the same time brushing up my English. The downside to it is, that writing my posts takes now double the time it would otherwise.

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