A hat that fits us all

It seems our teddy-bear got a new hat. I crocheted this one from Wednesday to Thursday.The hat was originally meant for Elsi, but she found it "itchy". I'm thinking of making a lining of fleece into it in order to reduce that itchy-factor. I think the white yarn is 'Novita Nalle' (it was an old bun, so I can't be sure) and the violet one is 'Novita Wool'. I didn't have a pattern and crocheted one tire of additions too many and so the cap fits me as well. I could wear this one, but according to my husband I should not.

We lit the first sling of lights in Elsi's bedroom and I gave the girls two balls from the Christmas decorations box as a preview. I'm so happy they share my enthusiasm for Christmas season.

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Sanctuary kirjoitti...

Onpa soma hattu! Ihailen näppäryyttäsi!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Sanctuary, kiitos paljon! Vielä kun vaan saan jonkun houkuteltua käyttämään tuota hattua.