Grau in grau

In my opinion the German word 'grau' (for 'grey') is onomatopoetic for these short dark and grey November days. The English word 'grey' is much too light in its' sound. However, there is also beauty in grey, especially when covered with a hint of snow. A dash of white makes even asphalt look pretty.

My own attempt to beautify my November days took the form of heart-shaped wreath. I made it out of birch branches tied together with wire, then I carefully forced it into heart-shape and tied the loose ends together. I decorated it with a piece of vintage lace and a glassy heart. For Christmas I could change those for something red for instance. The wreath is not hanging on the door, but next to it, for two reasons: these modern doors don't take that easily nails into their surface, and I hate it when somebody rapidly opens the door and the wreath falls down. Well, I hope the wreath welcomes our visitors from the side of the door as well as it would have done hanging on the middle of the main door.

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