Friday traditions

Friday is definitely one of my favourite days of the week. I have the luxury of having a really short work day on Fridays, which lets me enjoy some Friday traditions with my girls. The not so healthy, but oh so delicious tradition is to buy some pastry for us, mostly something that is covered with pink icing.

But first there needs to be some cleaning done in the house and believe me usually there is a lot to be done -every day not just Fridays.

I pick the girls early from the day-care and we have together the sugary afternoon snack. Usually I even take the liberty to buy myself a magazine for the weekend. Last week it was the English Country Living (picture underneath) and today it was the Landliv. My afternoon wouldn't be complete without a good cup of coffee. I've decided not to drink any coffee at work, so the first cup of the day at home in the afternoon gets even more pleasurable.

Do you have any traditions for Fridays? In any case I would like to wish you a very happy weekend with the last flowers of my garden (cosmos bipinnatus)!

2 kommenttia:

Leena kirjoitti...

Ihana perjantaitapa teillä!

Meinasin ostaa tuon Lantlivin, mutta sitten muistin pursuilevat lehtipinot kotona...
se on kyllä aika houkutteleva.

The Fairy Glade kirjoitti...

Hi there what a lovely post. As far as I am concerned, anything covered in pink icing just has to be eaten and with a good cup of coffee and a fab magazine! Have a great weekend and roll on next Friday I say! Dev X