Flowers for the fall

The summer flowers were already in a weak condition and my eyes were after some change in our front porch. To mark the beginning of September and official autumn, there had to be a change in plants. Away with the pink pelargoniums, petunias and lobelia in with the more intense shades of purple and magenta. When I just get all the summer clothes stored away, I'll be fully set for autumn.

4 kommenttia:

The Fairy Glade kirjoitti...

Hi Merruli love the ornamental cabbage, well that's what it looks like to me. What sort of growing season do you have in Finland? As for packing clothers away, I wish I had that many clothes. My daughter is a different matter and has just had a new selection as she has suddenly grown overnight it seems! Still raining here and with more forecast, I am starting to get webbed feet. Dev X

Ravenhill kirjoitti...

What a lovely arrangement you have made! Each photo is so beautiful! Your blog remains such an inspiration to me!!!

Bohemian girl kirjoitti...

Meruli, I like how you enjoy plants and flowers. The autumn hasn't really starter here yet, although the autumn posts around in the bloggy world make me feel melancholic for them. No more swimming, no more shorts!

Merruli kirjoitti...

The Fairy Glade: Yes, it's the ornamental cabbage, one of my favourites too. Our growing season isn't too long, growing zone 3, here where I live. This year the autumn came earlier that in the past few years. I hope you've had a bit of sunshine aswell!

Ravenhill: Thank you Emily. Well, talking about inspiration :you are craftwise an inspiration to me!

Bohemian Girl: Oh, enjoy the summer as long as it lasts. I really feel melancholic for the dark and warm autumn nights we didn't get any this year.