Just a brief look back

Oops, during the holidays I almost got out of the habit of blogging. Well, it's good to know, I'm not hopelessly addicted. Dear reader, I hope there are still one or two of you left, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and got all the rest and family time, you were in need of. I got a nice share of them myself. I had some very pleasing days reading books, sleeping long and just being with my family.

The photos above show the pair of felted baby booties, which I knitted for the lovely baby girl my sister got just a few days before Christmas. I also managed to finish the lace scarf for my mum on time. Giving some self made presents was so nice, I would like to do it this year as well, but I'm afraid, I won't have the time for present making, I had this time.

This set of coasters I sew as a house warming present for our friends in Lohja. I used different fabrics on both sides of the coaster and used two different patterns for quilting. The flowery thing keeping the ric rac together is a vintage earring. Thanks Miia, we had such a nice time visiting you! You and your family are so hospitable, it's always a pleasure to stay at our place.


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Ravenhill kirjoitti...

Hi Merruli!

I have missed your lovely posts while you were gone for the holidays! Congratulations of your neice! The felted booties are so cute. She will have the best dressed baby feet in town.

Happy new year to you!

Sanctuary kirjoitti...

Such sweet presents! Plenty of us readers left out here I suspect :) Wishing you a special New Year!

Merruli kirjoitti...

Emily and Sanctuary: Thank you and wishing you all the best for the year 2008!

Di kirjoitti...

I love your little snow bear booties!! They are really cute!

Merruli kirjoitti...

di,thanks. Now I know what to call them, snow bear booties, of course!