Something sweet for Thursday

My daughters don't always have to wait until Saturday to get something sweet to eat, because their mum is not able to wait that long. Today I needed something sweet and preferably fatty, so waffles were the obvious choice for afternoon snack. I would do the hole thing much faster alone, but my kids won't stay away from kitchen, if I'm doing anything which involves bowls, eggs that need to be broken and flour that needs to be stirred. Some of the waffles I even managed to get on the plate for so long that I got a photo of them, but after all it is amazing how much a three-year-old girl can eat, if there's sugar mentioned on the recipe.

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KaMa kirjoitti...

Yum! Not fair to put such pics on show for us (other) sugar junkies!

The question for me is: do I have a life outside of work at all?? Even more so now that this tiny bean-sized
human-to-be has taken total control of my mind and body. In the morning,
the usual vomity-feeling; at lunch
an incomprehensible desire to swallow everything even remotely to be classified as food; coming home
collapsing on the sofa, only to wake up at 9 to go to bed. I'm only vaguely aware of a husband, son and
dog somewhere in the background of my "life". Last time this phase took only for 2 weeks, for heaven's sake!! Please, let me be normal again!

The best of news however came today: my boss is leaving!!!!
Hallelujah! I was already going to join the nurses in their planned mass resignation. Whoooo-hooo!
Maybe I'll get some of my joy of work back now. Though, there's one more trial ahead: the whole next week WITH HIM at a conference in Amsterdam. That should be a piece of cake now - which reminds me, what shall I have with coffee??
Leevi is still taking his nap.

Cheers & keep writing! I promise not to steal your blog space so much again.

L2J kirjoitti...

ihanat kuvat! pääsin vihdoin lukemaan - kummipoika sylissä!